ipetwant Pet Dog Electric Fence Wireless Dog Fence Radio In-Ground Pet Containment System

IPETWANT M026 is a upgraded version of M023 Pet Fence Systems.

  • In-Ground Wired Pet Containment Fence allows your dogs to run freely outside your house and safely protect them from running off.
  • System comes in a heavy duty toolbox kit with an extra thick 0.8mm 20 gauge 500 feet long wire ready to be setup.
  • Transmitter has a built-in fuse lightning protection and extra ground terminals to protect the entire system from any electric surges and breakdowns.
  • Receiver is water resistant and rain proof with 5 adjustable level (beep only, low shock, medium shock, medium high shock, and high shock) made to work for all types of dogs 8 pounds and up whether they are timid or stubborn.


How the System Works
The transmitter connecting to the buried boundary wire transmits a harmless radio signal via the wire. When your dog approaches the perimeter, the receiver collar will begin the correction process by beeping and shocking, the collar will increase the static shock level until the dog returns within the boundary.

Main Features
Adjustable Receiver Collar – 5 adjustable level (beep only, low shock, medium shock, medium high shock, and high shock)
Extra thick 0.8mm 20 gauge 500 feet wire
Variable Field Width Control – adjust the power level of the wire broadcasting signal strength.
Boundary Control Switch – 3 different modes to control the output power of the entire system depending on on the total wire length.
Wire Break Indicator – Whenever the buried wire breaks, a loud alarm will sound with flashing red light on the transmitter.
Speed Detect Anti-Run Through – The faster your dog is approaching, the quicker the shock level increases.
Built-in Fuse Lightning Protection – Protects the transmitter from power surges caused by lightning strikes.

Training Your Dog
It is essential to train your dog for this system to work. Spend 15 minutes each day for about 3 weeks to teach your dog where the boundary is and that he should come back to the safe zone to stop the static shock. Place the flags (included) on the perimeter so both you and your dogs know where the boundary is, this will drastically help with the training.

It is recommended to not have your dog wear the collar for longer than 12 consecutive hours and test the collar each time before you place it on your dog.

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